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Read why so many have come to love Dazzling Dentistry.

"Thank you for making me want to smile! For as long as I can remember I have disliked the appearance of my teeth, which made me lack the confidence to smile. That all changed the day I first walked into your office. I knew that I had finally found the right dentist and support staff.
Whenever I come in I feel like I am with family. Your staff is pleasant, very professional and always willing to please. Please don't ever change. What you are doing is great!
Once again I thank you for giving me the self confidence I lacked for so many years."

- Marta Koczwara

"I am so pleased with my dentist’s office, I can't find enough words to express myself. I am 30 and have been TERRIFIED of the dentist since I can remember. Dazzling Dentistry's staff has given me a new outlook on taking care of my teeth. I have been in and out for over 4 years now and I am not scared of the dentist anymore. I feel like everyone treats you like family and cares about your needs. You do not feel like another patient in this office. I love the detailed explanation of fees, what your insurance covers, and what I need to pay. I love the hours, working and traveling constantly I am able to go in at 8PM to see my dentist; where else do you get that!? Lastly, most important, the TV's in each room. Going to get a filling done and being able to watch your favorite sitcom is unheard of. Thank you Dazzling Dentistry"

- Luke Wojtasik

"What I appreciate most about the office are the convenient hours. Because of my hard to deal with work schedule, your office being open until 9 P.M. is a godsend. I don't have to worry about taking a day off from work which makes life easier. But most importantly, I have the most pleasant dental visits of my life because of the atmosphere and friendliness that Dazzling Dentistry provides. That is what keeps me coming back."

- Peter Tyrala

"I have been a patient at Dazzling Dentistry for a few years and have nothing but the highest praise for the office. Dr. Radziszewski and her staff deeply care for each patient on all levels, not just their teeth. This time and attention given is remarkable in this day and age. Dr. Radziszewski and Dr. Gennaro are hands-down the best dentists I have ever visited. Their exemplary skills are a true reflection of their meticulous attention to detail, their experience, and their love for people. If you want perfection in dentistry, don't go anywhere else; Dazzling Dentistry is the ultimate."

- Paulina Pardol

"I have been a patient of Dr. Patrycja Gennaro for a few years now and have nothing but the highest praise for her. Dr. Gennaro is the most caring and gentle dentist I have known. From the very beginning, I felt secure in her hands because of her vast knowledge and genuine concern for my well being. I remember the day when I needed to have my first wisdom tooth pulled. I was really scared at the beginning, but Dr. Gennaro made the entire procedure quick and painless. Dr. Gennaro always explains the pros and cons of various treatment options, and is eager to answer all my questions. She and her wonderful staff always make me feel special. I gladly travel 45 minutes to see them."

- Agnieszka Filar

"I have been a patient of Dr. Radziszewski for two years. Her staff makes an outstanding team. From the first visit, the staff has been warm and caring. They are informative and professional in their approach with patients. The staff is efficient and time sensitive to the patient's busy schedules. Dr. Radziszewski is both knowledgeable and honest. She is never in a rush. She desires her patients to gain full understanding of their many options. It is this combination of both staff and doctor that makes my trips to the dentist a winning experience.

- Waldemar Gorniak

"Before I started going to Dazzling Dentistry, I visited many different dental practices. On frequent occasions my teeth were misdiagnosed and mistreated. I was referred to Dazzling Dentistry by a good friend, and in the past three years I haven’t been disappointed. My level of satisfaction with Dazzling Dentistry can easily be seen when one looks at the fact that for the past three years, I would travel four hours one way from a different state to visit their doctors. I would always receive an accurate diagnosis as well as a plan for each concrete situation. Every patient will be very happy with the service they receive at Dazzling Dentistry including those that require simple cosmetic dentistry as well as those that have serious problems. Dazzling Dentistry is a practice that is formed by world class specialists that one can trust."

- Ewelina Wrona

"Doctor Radziszewski is our family dentist. The friendly and inviting atmosphere of this office makes it easy to take my family there. The doctor is approachable for any age patient and is very caring. Most important for me, however, is the trust factor. She has never let me down in any way. That is the reason I like my dentist and love coming to Dazzling Dentistry."

- Jolanta Tomasik

"I used to go from dentist to dentist for my oral care. I never felt like any one of them cared…Not until I happened to go to Dr. Patricia Gennaro. I went there with a toothache. I received wonderful, professional care. Right from the very first moment I felt like she cared about my health. And I say health, not just the oral health. She told me that your oral health is a reflection of your overall health and while she worked on my aching tooth, she went on explaining how those two are connected. Every time I see her now, I not only get the best care possible, but I also get so much valuable information. I am so glad that finally I found the right Dentist. She is a dentist from a new era. Her approach to dentistry is far from what we are used to. The whole staff in the office is just wonderful. The moment you walk in you feel welcomed. Everyone you interact with is smiling. They are very professional and you feel like you are in good hands."

- Monika F.





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